Jack LaFond

Cybersecurity student & production testing enthusiast. Working on bringing light to the incredible things happening at Basic.Space, and building a stellar community at Creature World. Always learning, forever breaking.

In my past, I handled community at OpenSea & slashed software at Reincubate.

I can be commonly found on Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Discord, Twitch, and LinkedIn. I also write things over on my blog from time to time. The best way to contact me would be hi@jack.link.

Recent things


Next.js application that allows you to track your Stardew Valley progress by uploading your save file.


Platform to provide Life360 users with insights about their circles.


Discord bot to bridge the gaps between streaming platforms.


Discord bot allowing users to track social media statistics.

Recent writings

About Alistair Smith

On my friend Alistair Smith. Written on 01/13/2022.

Recent music

Music has always been something that's fueled my mind.